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Knee stiffness: inability to bend and straighten your knee

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    • 08 Jan 14
    Hip and knee replacements hospital

    Recurrent Shoulder Dislocation

    Her Right shoulder was dislocated three times. She was diagnosed to have Bankart lesion and was arthroscopically repaired. A Bankart lesion is an injury of the anterior (inferior) glenoid labrum of the shoulder due to repeated (anterior) shoulder dislocation. When this happens, a pocket at the front of the glenoid forms that allows the humeral head to dislocate into it. It is an indication for surgery and often accompanied by a Hill - sachs lesion, damage to the posterior humeral head.

    • 08 Jan 14

    Bilateral Knee Replacement In Single Sitting

    A 65 years old female had severe osteoarthritis of both knee joints. She was a known diabetic and hypertensive. Because of pain she couldn't walk even 100 meters. She couldn't sit cross legged or squat. Her knee problem made her almost bed ridden thereby worsening her diabetic and hypertensive status. She underwent replacement of both the knee joints in a single sitting.

    • 08 Jan 14

    A Young Patient With Both His Femur Bone Fractured

    This patient's both femur bone fracture was operated in single sitting.He was mobilized in 8 weeks time with support and by 3 months he was walking comfortably without support. A patient with Long bone fracture are always at high risk due to Fat Embolism which is very dangerous and patient can die if not treated on time. This patient was observed and treated well both pre and post operatively


I am 82yrs old, had fracture neck of femur six months back. I underwent Total hip replacement . I never thought that i would be able to walk again. But i was made to walk the next day of my surgery. I am very happy.

Mr. Rangarajan, Total Hip Replacement